Qin Performance

Performance:   The Qin (ch-in) is a plug-in Dual Mode II hybrid that channels virtually all the power from both its turbocharged, direct injection engine and its high powered permanent magnet electromotor. And it channels these smoothly into a dual clutch automatic gearbox that eliminates the  power-loss issues that come with a traditional torque converter.  At full burn with both the engine and motor combining to deliver 291hp and 353lb-ft through its 6-speed double clutch transmission, the Qin accerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds!

Economy: At the same time, with those same performance features working together, but with a lighter foot on the gas pedal and by making the most of it's 70km EV range, the Qin offers astounding overall fuel economy of 62.5 km/l.  That's equivalent to just 65 cents for each kilometer travelled!

Emissions:  With an EV mode on which to zero out emissions, the Qin's overall carbon footprint can be small and closer to that of an electric vehicle rather than that of a conventional car.