BYD Service

The BYD vehicle you purchased is a product of innovative, ground breaking and game-changing technology that has won—and continues to reap laurels in renowned car and motor shows worldwide and in technical and automotive manufacturing quality awards around the globe. With this life-enhancing vehicle, you will enjoy years and years of pleasurable, intelligent and safe driving. In fact, the BYD vehicle is a showcase of a famed and recognized global brand that continues to conquer new driving horizons and pushes existing standards of excellence to new heights.   

To date, BYD is not only a world-class manufacturing giant in the automotive industry, it is a pioneer in green technology that aims to  make carbon emissions a thing of the past, paving the way for  e-vehicles and hybrids that should be more the norm in transportation. Suffice it to say that when breakthroughs in green technology happen, it will be BYD who will invent and perfect them, as it aims to ensure the growth of green cities and highways, and most importantly, to help sustain life on the planet. 

Pure driving pleasure comes with every BYD vehicle. Take the wheel, and accelerate---well into a wonderful future, and rest assured that we will be there to ensure that your BYD vehicle's longevity and performance are maximized to your utmost satisfaction!

BYD commitment

Solar Transport and Automotive Resources, Inc., the exclusive distributor of BYD vehicles in the Philippines, recognizes that it is no small commitment to ensure that all members of our BYD Family will be able to enjoy their BYD vehicle well into the long haul.  Driven as we are to serve you, we aim to ensure your BYD vehicles' longevity and years of service: for this reason, we stand solidly behind each and every one of them, and we commit our resources, our passion for excellence and our technical expertise to their care.   Discover the different facets of our 5 Star Customer Service Program:   much thought and careful study were poured into each aspect so that the excellent technology and innovation that went into the production of your vehicle may be maintained to the highest standards of excellence.

We've got you covered: the 5-STAR customer service program

The 5-STAR Customer Service Program is a comprehensive customer-centric after-sales initiative to continuously deliver the best brand ownership experience to BYD customers.  It is a result of STAR Corp’s deepening understanding of our customers.  Over the years since we started our distributorship operations, we have continuously listened to our customers and identified their preferences and even their sensitivities.  This program and all its components is a signpost of our long term commitment to our customers so that they enjoy their BYD vehicles well over the long haul.

The 5-STAR Customer Service Program centers on the 5-year or 100,000km Service Warranty. To provide you with the best car ownership experience possible and maximize your car's longevity and performance, BYD has extended its warranty coverage to 5 Years.   

With STAR CORP’s manufacturer-backed 5-Year Service Warranty, BYD car owners are assured of worry-free motoring for many more years than with regular coverage warranties.  Available at all BYD dealerships, it is a solid testament on the build and quality across the entire range of BYD cars and an assurance of BYD’s commitment to total customer satisfaction. 

Our 5-Year Warranty or 100,000-kilometer coverage, whichever comes first, covers the totality of the BYD vehicle – from the engine, transmission and all parts, bumper to bumper.   If you own a BYD vehicle, you get 5-year protection, which translates to five years of peace of mind.