BYD releases Dynasty series

BYD launched another model in its Dynasty Series lineup at the BYD Dreams Conference, which was recently held at Beijing’s National Stadium. Media, BYD dealers and fans across China gathered to witness the historic moment, when the company outlined its Dynasty Series and unveiled the Yuan, BYD’s first compact SUV.  

The Dynasty Series encompasses the BYD’s signature vehicle models bearing the latest technological innovations and distinguished design. All vehicles in the lineup are named after especially prosperous Chinese Dynasties, conveying a concept of innovation and power. The Dynasty Series comprises fundamentally sedans and SUVs, but other categories may also be included. The first model to bear a Dynasty name was the sedan Qin—the first dynasty of a unified China—launched in late 2013. Another model, the Han, will soon be introduced within the same segment. The SUV segment includes the large-sized Tang, launched in mid-2015, the recently launched Song and the company’s first compact SUV Yuan, and the upcoming Ming. All models in the lineup can be distinguished by their own Chinese Dynasty character logo—in a very creative move never seen before in the auto industry. The SUV Yuan—launched during the Dream Conference—is the fourth Dynasty model to be launched and has the unique Chinese character Yuan () placed on the front of the vehicle, instead of the traditional BYD logo, and just like the other Dynasty Series vehicles, the logo appears on the steering wheel and wheel hubs, with the BYD logo seen only in the rear.  

The Yuan also shares BYD’s most distinguishing characteristic of the Dynasty Series: the signature 542 initiative, a cutting-edge technological proposition that embodies the company’s excellence in EV making. “542” means that the vehicle accelerates from zero to 100 kph in under five seconds, and features full-time electric 4WD and an astounding fuel efficiency of less than two liters of fuel to run 100 km. The SUVs Tang, Song and Yuan will form a BYD 542 "Triad" matrix to achieve full coverage of large, medium and compact new energy SUVs, and meet demands of the three major market segments. 

The BYD Qin is available through Solar Transport Automotive Resources Corp., (STAR Corp.), the exclusive distributor of BYD vehicles in the Philippines.