BYD Hailed for Schiphol Sustainability Achievements: Europe's Largest Pure Electric Bus Fleet in Full Operation at Amsterdam Airport

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, and Jos Nijhuis, CEO of the Schiphol Group, pose in front of one of a fleet of 35 BYD eBuses in full service operations at the Schiphol airport transporting passengers between their planes and terminal buildings.

BYD ebuses at Tenderplein Charging Station;  with 35 BYD ebuses in full operation, the Schiphol Airport has the largest electric bus fleet in Europe.

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, reveals that the 35 BYD ebus fleet in operation at the Schiphol Airport has accumulated a total mileage of 338,000 km with an average consumption of 1.2kWh/km, since it started operations 6 months ago.  This has contributed to a savings of approximately 312,000 kg of C02 emissions.

Jos Nijhuis, CEO of the Schiphol Group, underscores the high quality standards in effect at the Schiphol airport due to the collaboration with BYD and Schiphol authorities to provide specially-tailored ebuses to meet Schiphol's stringent requirements to enhance the riding experience of their airport's passengers.

BYD, the world's largest maker of pure electric, emissions-free buses, was hailed by Jos Nijhuis, CEO of the Schiphol Group, for helping Amsterdam Schiphol Airport achieve its sustainability goals with its provision of a fleet of 35 electric buses for its airside operations. This is by far the largest fleet of electric buses in Europe and the first such fleet to operate in an international airport worldwide.  The fleet of ebuses is now in full service transporting passengers between their planes and the terminal buildings. 

Speaking at a special ceremony that marked this milestone, Jos Nijhuis, CEO of the Schiphol Group revealed that "European quality standards are high.  Schiphol's are even higher, where possible.  We're only satisfied with the best of the best.  Simply because we think our passengers deserve the best of the best.  That can occasionally place some challenges on the collaborative process.  But the outcome has been good.  And I'd like to thank BYD for that."

In response, Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe said, "BYD is honoured to have played a key role in helping Schiphol's airside transportation fleet to become one of the greenest in the world.  This fleet of 35 BYD ebuses is at present the largest fleet of pure electric, full-size buses operating in Europe, a fact that underlines Schiphol's commitment ot sustainability."

BYD is by far the world's largest producer of pure electric buses - more than 3,000 are in service with the mileage of a single bus already exceeding 287,000 km.  The company has a vision to enhance air quality by electrifying all aspects of road transport and airports.

"With their massive reliance on diesel-engined vehicles and ground support equipment, airports represent a great opportunity to clean up the air we breathe," Ho revealed.  "In fact, this fleet means that ground transportation on the air side at Schiphol is completely clean now.  The rail transportation to the airport is clean and taxi transportation is on the way to becoming clean.  So the next step is to make bus transportation to the airport zero emission as well.  We stand ready to work with the operators and government regulatory bodies."

Mr. Ho disclosed that since the Schiphol fleet started its service six months ago, the 35 ebuses have accumulated a total mileage of approximately 338,000 km with an average energy consumption of 1.2 kWh/km, saving approximately 312,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

The ebuses in service at the airport have been specially-tailored by BYd to meet Schiphol's requirements.  They have fewer battery packs than other ebuses thanks to BYD's improving power density -- this means a good range can be maintained on a single charge while providing more space for passengers and their luggage.  BYD also worked closely with the Schiphol authorities to select colours and materials which enhance the riding experience for passengers.  The design of the driver's cabin meets the Netherlands' standards for Ergonomic Requirements.

Schiphol's record breaking fleet of 35 ebuses makes it the largest electric bus fleet in Europe.  But it seems this title will be short-lived because in a few months, in mid-2016, a fleet of 51 buses will start service in London.  BYD is hoping that Schiphol's lead will point the way for other international airports keen to enhance their air quality.   As Mr. Ho said, "Where Schiphol leads today, other airports can follow tomorrow."