Opoli Partners with BYD, Supplying Electric Car Fleet to San Diego

San Diego, 29 July 2015–Opoli Technologies, the transportation app revolutionizing the rideshare industry in Southern California, announces its new partnership with BYD Motors Inc, a world leader in the automotive industry, including high-efficiency automobiles. In efforts to not only reduce traffic congestion through ridesharing in San Diego, BYD will provide 50 of their zero-emissions e6 EVs to the Opoli fleet as part of a green initiative.

The all-electric crossover SUV from BYD will join Opoli’s natural gas airport shuttles late summer 2015, in efforts to decrease emissions. Opoli has been allotted charging spaces at the docking station at the San Diego International Airport. The e6 is ideal for drivers and fleet operators as its range exceeds 180 miles on a full charge. Opoli in San Diego will join other US cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago, to use the battery-electric crossover SUV in taxi and municipal fleets.

“At Opoli we continue to seek out and provide an affordable solution to the transportation problems that plague metropolitan areas,” said Rattan Joea, founder and CEO of Opoli Technologies. “Teaming up with BYD provides riders not only cost-effective solutions, but a green alternative in San Diego. We want to bring viable share-ride experiences to the commuting community. Riders would have fastest Wi-Fi available in the vehicles, along with other perks, to make the most of their commutes.”

As one of the world’s most popular fleet-utility electric vehicle, the e6 has been incorporated in fleets in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Bogota and Rio de Janiero. A team of more than 15,000 BYD engineers have developed the advanced technologies needed to create the environmentally-friendly,BYD Iron-Phosphate batteries, in-wheel hub motors and regenerative braking systems. The break-through battery is fire-safe and can be completely recycled.

“BYD is very excited to be partnering with Opoli Technologies,” said Stella Li, BYD Motors President. “Our company was built on innovation, and unlike most auto manufacturers we are excited for the future of the shared-use economy and pioneers such as Opoli. We are proud to be working with another California company in creating jobs, cleaning the air and leading the way.”

This partnership comes weeks after Opoli launched services in the San Diego area, including being the first rideshare service permitted at the San Diego International Airport. Opoli functions under a name-your-price model, connecting drivers and ride seekers to agree upon a fare, with 100 percent of the fare going to the driver’s account. Rides can be booked in advance or on demand via the Opoli app, available for iOS and Android.