BYD Presents Electrified Transportation Solutions at Brazil’s National Mayors Meeting

BYD pure electric mid-sized bus at the Brazilian Presidential Palace

BYD e6 pure electric crossover for test drive

Mayors arriving at the Brazilian Presidential Palace after riding the BYD electric bus

Brasilia, 20 April 2015--BYD Co. Ltd. took part in the III Cities Summit with Sustainable Development, organized by the National Mayors Committee in Brasília this month. The event gathered over 500 Brazilian Mayors and other 8000 participants, to focus on public policies to foster entrepreneurship and sustainable local development. A key issue discussed at the event was urban mobility and the urge for sustainable alternatives, with Battery Electric Buses presenting a sound contribution to sustainable mobility. The general tone of the event was the importance of sustainable development in cities, highlighting the vital role of cities in building a better country for everyone. “This places a major responsibility on Mayors to play a key role in finding and implementing sustainable development alternatives”, said José Fortunati, Mayor of Porto Alegre and president of the National Mayors Committee.

BYD pure electric mid-sized bus at the Brazilian Presidential Palace  Adalberto Maluf, BYD do Brasil’s Director of Government Affairs and Marketing, shared information on BYD Electric Vehicles around the world and showed how the adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) proves an extremely efficient alternative in urban mobility. He cited the Brazilian city of Curitiba as a success case in Public Transportation. "Curitiba has been working on urban mobility for over 40 years, and has succeeded by integrating land use, housing and transportation. The city has revolutionized Public Transportation worldwide with the creation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solution, and is now taking a step further with the introduction of BYD’s zero emission, fully electric buses and taxis.”  

BYD provided six pure electric vehicles – three buses and three crossovers – to serve as official transportation to the event. The public greatly enjoyed the electric bus ride and was surprised with its comfort and quality. During the conference, a BYD K9 pure electric bus was used to take 14 Mayors to a meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at the presidential palace.     

“This conference has been a great opportunity to meet Mayors and city authorities, as well as share BYD’s EV success worldwide and in Brazil. Electrified Vehicles have become a reality in Brazil and BYD is supporting cities and Mayors to achieve sustainable development in urban mobility with its electrified transportation solutions”, said Vagner Rigon, BYD do Brasil’s Sales VP.