BYD’s EV Triumph Further Unfurls in Asia, Now It’s on to South Korea

BYD Booth at IEVE 2015

Governor of Jeju island Won Hee-Ryong visits the BYD booth

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific Auto Group

Jeju, Korea; 6 March 2015--Many major worldwide EV manufactures are attending the Second International Electric Vehicle Expo being held in Jeju, South Korea, from March 6-15, 2015. BYD is unveiling its pure electric vehicle e6, as well as seizing the opportunity to debut its EV-Cloud system. 

With tourism as its pillar industry, Jeju administration attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the island has been deemed the best place to commercialize electric vehicles. The Jeju government has set an exciting goal: switching 30% of its fossil fuel vehicles to EVs by 2020, to then push that figure to 100% by 2030. South Korea has been the world's fifth largest auto manufacturer for 10 consecutive years. Just like with the Japanese market, making a successful entry to the South Korean market represents great recognition not only for the BYD brand but also for Chinese technology and quality. 

BYD ranks amongst the top 10 manufacturers of Lithium Ion Batteries for EV in global market share, according to the latest SNE Research in 2014. Eight out of these top 10 are Japanese and South Korean companies, making these two countries major players in the battery and automobile industries. BYD’s participation in Korea’s IEVE 2015, after successfully entering the Japanese market, greatly demonstrates its leading position in the New Energy industry. 

Governor of Jeju island Won Hee-Ryong paid a personal visit to the BYD booth, along with major governmental departments delegations to discuss with BYD executives how to promote the electric bus in Jeju. 

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific Auto Group, stated that BYD’s attendance to this big event in such a worldwide famous tourist destination will offer South Koreans a unique opportunity to experience BYD’s pure electric vehicles. “We are willing to work together with local governments, businesses and the public, to make a meaningful contribution to protect Jeju Island’s unique scenery”, he said . 

The e6 is a five-seat crossover vehicle powered by BYD’s environmentally friendly Iron-Phosphate (or “Fe”) battery. It takes only two hours to fully charge its batteries when plugged to a fast AC charging facility. The BYD e6 can also run 300 km on a single charge. The Chinese city of Shenzhen had its first fleet of 50 pure electric taxis delivered by BYD in May 2010. Now, with an operating fleet of 850 units, the city has reached a total mileage of around 260 million kilometers, with single unit averaging a mileage of over 630,000 km, surpassing the total mileage for a private passenger car running for 30 years. BYD’s pure electric vehicles have been evaluated in 35 countries and about 110 cities worldwide, proving their unquestionable quality.