BYD F0 places second in Circuit Showdown Micro Series

THE BYD F0 marked its racing debut with a scintillating second place in the Circuit Showdown First Philippine Micro Series held last weekend at the Batangas Racing Circuit in Rosario, Batangas. Driving the F0 with a three-cylinder, 1.0-liter BYD 371QA mighty engine, was 29-year-old businessman, DJ and drift driver Keith Bryan Haw, who is the best friend of BYD Philippines managing director Mark Tieng. “When Mark asked me to drive for him, I didn’t even think, I said ‘yes’ right away. I only had a day to practice before the race,” said Haw.

During the practice sessions, the F0 posted the fastest lap of 2:13.55 ahead of a Toyota Wigo driven by professional circuit driver and mechanic Marc Thomann. During the race, Thomann just managed to edge out Haw by a mere 0.8 of a second. The F0 consistently timed in the 2:14s over the 10-lap race. “I was so close to Thomann, but the Grid D cars kept getting in the way. I didn’t want to make a mistake and end up spinning out so, I just kept my pace,” Haw recalled.

My main objective was to finish the race and stay out of trouble on the track. The F0 was amazing. I was going around at 140 kph and I couldn’t believe that I was passing the other cars in Grid D. The F0’s handling was excellent and its power was consistent. With more practice, I can do better in the next race,” added Haw.

“I’m happy with second place as this is our first time to join the race,” said Tieng. “We just wanted to have fun and support Philippine Motorsports. It was one adrenalin-pumping race as the cars were fighting bumper-to-bumper from start to finish. The results prove that the BYD F0 can dish it out with any of the other cars on the grid,” added Tieng.