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The top electric vehicle manufacturer for the last three years, BYD has a truly modern selection for you, featuring efficient petrol burning, powerful hybrid and purely electric zero-emissions vehicles. Stop by today and start moving forward.

About BYD

BYD vehicles are manufactured by BYD Auto China Ltd., Co., the largest independent Chinese brand that's been the world's top electric vehicle maker for the last three years. BYD vehicles are distributed here by Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (STAR Corp.), a wholly Filipino-owned and Philippine-based company founded in December 2012. BYD stands for "Build Your Dreams."

While BYD has longer history as a behind-the-scenes provider of green energy technologies for the IT, new-energy and automotive industries, BYD automobiles are now also swiftly gaining worldwide recognition for build-quality and advanced technologies. The brand has strong presence in Asia and all throughout the Americas (North, Central and South), not only with automobiles but with electric buses and taxis for modern transport grids as well.